Book Recommendation by Dr. Pamela Quist

“Erin Pearson’s book written specifically with parents of young music students in mind is a smart, fun, and provocative read. Anyone involved in music education will deeply appreciate her contribution to our literature. 10 Reasons provides clear, effective guidelines to help parents assess the myriad of practical challenges their children face in carving out time for music practice within our busy families and world today. After rigorously examining the common reasons and underlying actual causes, Ms. Pearson then proceeds to suggest concrete approaches and solutions that are truly invaluable. As both a class room and private music educator for over 45 years, I found this book so interesting and illuminating that I wished it had been available earlier in my own teaching career! I highly recommend Erin Pearson’s 10 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Practice Their Music: And What Parents Can Do About It to all parents of young music students.”

Dr. Pamela Layman Quist
Co-Founder of The Walden School Ltd.
Assistant Director of Avivo
Former faculty at Peabody Conservatory of Music and Santa Clara University